Advertising on Microstock Man

Microstock Man has been a reliable, up to date source of microstock related information on the Web since 2011.

From that time on we have gained an ever-growing number of unique visitors to the site, as well as many return readers. Our audience is highly targeted and engaged when viewing the site. Readers are encouraged to sign up to the site, which then allows access to our promotional newsletter.

Having such a focused target audience allows Microstock Man to be very successful in providing click-throughs to outgoing links and banners.

With each upgrade of the website, our audience continues to grow, with the most recent overhaul (including a large buyer focused area of the site) being no exception. Our audience acquisition is hugely organic – usually around 80% of visitors have arrived at Microstock Man from an organic Web search.

Are you a return advertiser? You can skip the details to book & pay for your advertising here.

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How Our Advertising Works

Homepage Advertising

Homepage AdvertisingThere is only 1 homepage advertising position available on Microstock Man. If it’s yours, you own the homepage – and all the traffic that comes through it!

This is our largest advertising option on the site. Your banner can be any size up to a maximum of 1000 x 200 pixels. It is located in a prime position on the homepage that stands out visually and doesn’t compete with any other graphics directly next to it.

Front page advertising with a highly targeted audience doesn’t come at better value than this. Use the “Book Now” button below to reserve your spot for your desired month.

Sidebar Advertising

250x250 Sidebar AdvertisingBy placing your ad in our sidebar, you will get exposure on 3 different types of pages:

  1. Review pages
  2. Beginners Guide pages
  3. Blog posts

That’s a lot of pages for a very small price! Your advertisement will be 250 x 250 pixels, placed in (or near) the top right hand corner of the sidebar.

This is a prime position on sidebar pages that has been proven to be a highly successful spot to gaining user clicks. It is above the fold and stands out visually.

Use the “Book Now” button below to reserve your spot for your desired month or months.

  • Choose Your Month

    Choose the month (or months) that you would like to book for advertising, by using the pagination links at the bottom of this page. You will need to process a separate booking for each month (don’t worry, it only takes 2 minutes!)

  • Choose Your Location

    Choose which location you would prefer your advertisement to go – either in the top right of the sidebar, or on the homepage. Of course, you can also choose to book both positions, and dominate the traffic from Microstock Man!

  • Send Your Booking

    Use the ‘Book Now’ button to book your position, and add any comments you would like to include in the box provided. Please note your booking is not secured until the next step is completed.

  • Check Your Email

    Check your email (and possibly your spam folder!) for our email containing your Paypal confirmation link. Click this link to process the payment immediately through Paypal and secure your spot.

  • Send Your Image

    Once you have completed your payment, please email your advertising (JPG or PNG) to us, ensuring the dimensions are correct for the position. We will check and upload your image right at the start of your booked month.