iStockPhoto Becomes iStock. By Getty Images

iStockPhoto Becomes iStock. By Getty Images

iStock Microstock AgencyIn an unexpected move today, iStockPhoto has had a change of name. Not that it is all that different but it certainly signals where things are at now compared to when it was founded. The new name? iStock. With a period. Technically it seems the full name might be “iStock by Getty Images” but no doubt it will remain being called iStock, as it long has been already.

iStock – What Management Had To Say

iStock forum moderator kelvinjay had this to say about the change in name:

“…We’ve launched a new logo, signalling the re-launch of our brand as iStock by Getty Images. Not only does the new branding combine the freshness and strength of the iStock brand with the quality and reputation of Getty Images, it also embraces all file types, not “just photos”.

This isn’t a change so much as us embracing who we already are. Our customers call us iStock, our contributors call us iStock. Internally we have called ourselves iStock for years, and for years we have been part of the Getty Images family and now our logo reflects that.”

iStock – Keeping Up To Date

Basically what kelvinjay had to say sums it up quite well. Gone are the days of just selling photos alone. Now they sell vectors, audio, video and more. The new name better reflects that.

In addition, Getty Images have owned iStock for some years now. It’s about time they leveraged the Getty name to build some confidence behind the iStock brand. Getty Images, while also much maligned by some, is still a market leader in providing rights managed stock worldwide, so why not try and link that reputation with the company formerly known as iStockPhoto.

Also it is true that people have been shortening iStockPhoto to just iStock for years, so the name is somewhat logical. Some have expressed the idea that perhaps this is a way to shed a few years of bad press and bad decisions by changing to a new name, but in reality the new name is what everyone knew them as anyway. So that idea doesn’t seem a likely factor in this change taking place.

Really now the big question is this: Does this name change signal bigger changes ahead? And if so, will they be beneficial or detrimental to the contributor? Time will tell.

Do you have any other thoughts about the name change? Let us know below.

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