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iStockPhoto Increases Vector Uploads

In a great move for vector artists, iStockPhoto has changed it’s tiered upload allowance approach to an all encompassing 999 uploads per week for everyone. This means vector artists can get their portfolio’s online with iStock in rapid time, compared to maybe a couple of years!

What iStock HQ Had To Say About It…

“Vector illustration inspections have historically had a much faster turnaround than the other file types on iStock. Because of this, we’ve been tweaking our upload limits over the past year to see how well we can handle higher submission volumes.

Our last adjustment was made in January and our average inspection time is still under 2 days, which is the same as it was 3 years ago. In other words, our inspectors are rockstars.

We’ve looked at how many people are actually using their existing upload slots and the number is surprisingly low. This got us thinking, what’s the point in even having a limit to vector uploads anyways?

We are topping out our upload limits at 999 submissions per week (the maximum we can assign with our current upload system). This change already shows for our Exclusive contributors, with non-Exclusives to follow over the coming days.

Our inspectors are ready so bring on the submissions!”

So What Does This Really Mean?

Well the obvious answer is easier uploading for vector artists with large stock portfolios. But it may also be recognition that contributors are shying away from iStock these days. Perhaps this will lure them back?

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