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Pond5 Review - Microstock AgencyIf you have been working with stock video footage for the last few years, chances are you already know about Pond5. They have been around for a while and have built up the reputation of being a market leader in selling video footage. How did they get there? By a few great features that benefit both contributors and sellers alike. For example, you can set your own prices on all of your items. Plus, you always receive a great 50% commission on all sales.

Now for the good news for photographers – Pond5 have thrown their doors open (finally!) to include stock photography & vector graphics. Previously they had some images online, but only through partner programs with other agencies like 123RF. Now you can get the benefit of directly uploading to Pond5, setting your own prices and getting that 50% commission.

Also, they bought out another microstock agency called Pixmac a little while ago, and this is adding to their appeal, as now they have a more international appeal.

Pond5 Review – Why Sign Up?

  • If you want to sell video footage, Pond5 is the place to be
  • 50% commission on all sales, all the time
  • No tiny subscription sales for a few cents, just decent sales at the price you set
  • Low payout threshold of just $25
  • Quick upload process, reasonably fast reviews
  • Acceptance rates are high at the moment

Pond5 Review – Downsides?

  • They are only new when it comes to stock photography & vectors, it will take some time to build this market segment
  • The website is clearly geared towards video clips, could use some tweaking for photos

Pond5 Review Fast Facts

Media Types

Pond5 sells the following media:

Stock photos
Vector illustrations
Footage (including 4k)
Audio & Sound Effects
After Effects
3D Renders

Sale Types

Pond5 sells using the following methods:

On Demand Sales

Pond5 Review – Conclusion

Hopes are high for Pond5 and their entrance into stock photography. This is not ‘just another’ agency. This is an established player, who has made a huge success of their stock video clips and yet still kept things good for contributors – unlike some other agencies that start reducing commissions as soon as they are successful.

At the moment they do not accept direct uploads of vector graphics (the ones on there are from partner programs) but expect that to change in the not-too-distant future.

If you have any video clips in your stock portfolio, this one is a no-brainer. Sign up with Pond5 now! If you focus on photography alone, then it depends – are you ready to give another agency a go? My advice – if you are with all the major agencies and are willing to try just one ‘new’ agency this year, make it Pond5. If they do half as well with photos as they have done with videos then we will all be glad they entered into the stock photography market.

You’ve read the Pond5 review, now see Pond5 in action

4 replies
  1. Robert
    Robert says:

    Thanks…the photos are accepted now and also 100%. Its fine, Im curious how the selling will go on as they are footage stock primarily.
    Tim, 2000 pics is nice volume, hope I could make half of it this year :) (but I think it will be much lower number).

    • MicrostockMan
      MicrostockMan says:

      All the best with it Robert, after 1000 pics online at most sites was when I noticed a steady and predictable income. Hoping to hit 3000 images online at some sites by end of this year, but other sites I still need to get to 2000 (such as Shutterstock and Fotolia).

      Hope you can reach your goals in 2013.

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