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Stockfresh Review

Review Updated: 2017

Started by former StockXpert founders (a successful microstock site subsequently bought out by Jupiterimage and Getty Images), Stockfresh is an up-and-comer to watch. Although it still ranks pretty low in the scheme of things, Stockfresh is a well designed site run by people who have proved they know how to make a company successful.  At the moment Stockfresh still has a relatively small image base, so if you’re a newcomer to microstock now is the time to get your foot in the door.

They must have one of the nicest websites out there, especially among the smaller players. This translates into a great experience for both buyer and seller. Uploading here is a breeze!

Stockfresh Review – Why Sign Up?

  • 50% base commission, up to 62.5% on occasion
  • Founded by proven microstock professionals
  • Slick, simple website
  • Fast upload and submission process
  • Consistent reviewing with good acceptance rates

Stockfresh Review – Downsides?

  • Sales at this point are low and infrequent
  • Barely any marketing has been done so far
  • Initial acceptance times can drag on

Stockfresh Review Fast Facts

Media Types

Stockfresh sells the following media:

Stock photos
Vector illustrations

Sale Types

Stockfresh sells using the following methods:

Credit packs

Stockfresh Review – Conclusion

First things first – if you are thinking of signing up to Stockfresh, try to do it now.  The initial approval process (5 images and a biography on yourself) can take a very long time before you hear back. Get the ball rolling now. At least, that was the experience for the first few years. If it has improved, please let us know. Also, be aware that they have tightened things up in terms of who they will accept. This comment was made by Stockfresh’s owner on their forum:

We’ve also become a lot stricter with applications. We used to be quite strict before, but now we’re only letting in a handful of people every week and they have to have something really interesting in their portfolio, and for some exceptional artists we do offer to import their work to help them get started.

In other words, don’t feel too bad if you aren’t accepted. Smaller agencies are finding it harder and harder to keep up with increased costs of hosting, reviewing etc when sales may not be increasing at the same rate. Thus the solution for some is to limit strictly who they accept. But really, you’ve got nothing to loose by trying to become a contributor.

It’s great to see another agency that gives it’s contributors a good commission rate right from the start.  Stockfresh also has a very easy to use FTP upload system, with no categories or anything to fill out.  Just upload and submit.  I’ve found their reviewers to be fair and reasonable.

It would be nice to see Stockfresh start some marketing soon, as not much at all has happened on that front and it shows with the low sales. Understandably they need to have a decent image base first, but now that they have it would seem reasonable to start rewarding all their contributors with some marketing efforts.

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