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YAY Images Review

Review Updated: 2017

YAY Images is the new version of what was YAY Micro, a small microstock agency that I got behind as soon as I started selling stock images. This was one of the small agencies that I supported as much as possible as they offered good royalties and decent pricing of their images. As of 2016 however, YAY Micro only exists as a portal for photographers and illustrators to upload their work to YAY Images.

With this change came a simple decision – allow all of your images to be available on the new YAY Images website, or remove your images for sale entirely, as customers can no longer purchase them from the old site. For me, the decision was to remove my account, after about 5 years of supporting them. The main reason – their new ‘streaming’ model.

It’s not a decision I made lightly. But I feel it was the right one. I would like to hear from others who have stuck around and seen the new streaming model in action. How have you found it? Now that sufficient time has passed for the results of this new model to be seen, I would consider them again if others have had a positive experience with it. After all they were one of my favourite agencies to deal with.

YAY Images Review – Why Sign Up?

  • Excellent acceptance rate on images
  • Friendly, responsive staff
  • Nice front end website for the buyer

YAY Images Review – Downsides?

  • The streaming model is VERY cheap
  • Unless they change it, the use of their old site for contributors is not great, as its outdated and clunky

YAY Images Review Fast Facts

Media Types

YAY Images sells the following media:

Stock photos
Vector illustrations

Sale Types

YAY Images sells using the following methods:

Web Streaming
Monthly Downloads

YAY Images Review – Conclusion

If you ever read our review of the old YAY Micro, you would know that we encouraged people to get behind them. We liked the royalties, the staff and more. But with this new direction (which has been available from YAY for some time now), we can’t quite give them the recommendation that we used to.

This new modal of streaming images to a website rather than downloading them is not bad in itself. In fact it makes a lot of sense in a way. But its the extra inclusions at incredibly low prices that make this a bad deal for contributors. Not only can people stream unlimited images, but depending on the package they can also download from 1 – 1000 images per month.

Then there is the royalty structure, which to be honest, seems very difficult to work out how much you will get paid per image streamed and per image downloaded. Potentially, it could be very little.

So all in all, we are sad to say that this new direction for YAY Images is not a welcome one for many stock photographers and illustrators. You will want to consider this one carefully before adding your images. Its a good deal for buyers, but probably not for contributors.

If you have had some experience with their new streaming model though, please let us know what you think of it.

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