Buying Stock Photos – Microstock Buyers Guide

If you are thinking of buying stock photos or other stock media, then you need a microstock buyers guide. Why? Because there is an endless array of microstock agencies starting up each year and you want to get the best deal. Whether you are going to buy an image, illustration, audio file or video clip then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Microstock Man we aim to give you advice about the best microstock agencies around, from both a buyers and a sellers point of view. Better yet, we’ve got discounts and even free images from our favourite microstock agency’s just for you. You can even search multiple stock libraries directly from Microstock Man, without even leaving the site!

But first things first. Choose a microstock agency below to learn more about buying stock photos from them. You can also add your own comments on each of our microstock agency reviews, with the aim of helping other microstock buyers decide where to spend their money.

Top Agencies For Buying Stock Photos

In this section you will find what we consider to be the best microstock agencies for buying stock photos and other stock media. This doesn’t necessarily mean the rock-bottom cheapest, but these agencies strike a good balance between price, variety, service, quality and fairness to contributors. Click on an agency to see it in more detail.

Shutterstock Buyer Review

Shutterstock Microstock Agency

Read our Shutterstock buyers review, an agency with one of the largest collections of high-quality microstock photos and vectors in the world.

Dreamstime Buyer Review

Dreamstime Microstock Agency

Read our Dreamstime buyers review, a well established agency that has a slightly different formula to most of its competitors.

Depositphotos Buyer Review

Depositphotos Microstock Agency

Read our Depositphotos buyer review and find heaps of images to choose from, while saving yourself some serious money.

Pond5 Buyer Review

Pond5 Microstock Agency

Read our Pond5 buyers review, a fair-trade style microstock agency with easy single image purchase and a huge variety of stock media assets available.

Stockfresh Buyer Review

Stockfresh Microstock Agency

Read our Stockfresh buyers review, about a microstock agency that aren’t aiming to be the biggest out there, but are  focused on being one of the easiest to use.

123RF Buyer Review

123RF Microstock Agency

Read our 123RF buyers review, a microstock agency offering a wide range of plans & options to choose from that will suit all budgets and media needs.

YAY Images Buyer Review

YAY Images Microstock Agency

Read our YAY Images buyer review to learn about a small scale agency featuring credits that last a long time and an interesting streaming alternative for websites.

PhotoDune Buyer Review

PhotoDune Microstock Agency

Read our PhotoDune Buyers review and learn about one small part of the massive Envato network of websites that sell pretty much everything (digital) you can imagine.

Fotolia Buyer Review

Fotolia Microstock Agency

Read our Fotolia buyer review to find out about an agency which boasts a very large image library and provides a lot of good reasons to entice buyers.

Other Microstock Agencies For Buyers

While not making it into our Top Microstock Agencies list, these microstock agencies are still certainly worth considering when buying microstock photos, vectors, video’s or audio. They represent agencies that are still reliable to work with, and they offer a good alternative to the agencies listed above.

CanStockPhoto Buyer Review

CanStockPhoto Microstock Agency

Read our CanStockPhoto review and discover an agency with a long history and some great buyers options, including single image sales.

GL Stock Images Buyer Review

GL Stock Images Microstock Agency

Read our GL Stock Images buyer review, and find nicely curated galleries of images on all sorts of topics, which might just save you a whole lot of searching.

BigStock Buyer Review

BigStock Microstock Agency

Read our BigStock buyer review to see how parent company Shutterstock has changed this microstock agency into a bigger player.

Mostphotos Review

Mostphotos Microstock Agency

Read our Mostphotos buyer review about a Scandinavian microstock agency with a key point of difference and some low subscription-based pricing.