BigStock Customer Review

BigStock Customer Review

Review Updated: 2017

BigStockPhoto was founded in California in 2004 and slowly worked it’s way up the microstock ladder. In 2009 BigStockPhoto was acquired by Shutterstock, the biggest subscription-based image library in the world. BigStockPhoto adopted a fresh new look and a shorter name, BigStock, in 2010.

Particularly since the Shutterstock acquisition, BigStock has shifted focus away from single image downloads, and focused heavily on subscription based offerings for buyers. This has resulted a lot more sales for BigStock and a larger market share. They sell the usual mix of photos and vectors, and since November 2014 have began experimenting with video subscriptions as well.

BigStock Customer Review Fast Facts

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Image Quality
Contributor Fairness

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BigStock Customer Review – Why Buy From Them?

  • Large collection of images & vectors
  • Video subscriptions now available
  • Subscription plans are one of the cheapest
  • Clean, easy website

BigStock Customer Review – Downsides?

  • Video subscription prices are so low they could hurt the industry, rather than improve it
  • Not so easy for a single image download
  • No audio available

Buying From BigStock – The Final Word

BigStock can appeal to a lot of buyers, particularly those just looking for rock-bottom prices on a subscription plan. They offer a wide range of images to choose from, and now video as well. But just be warned with video subscriptions – supporting video sales this cheap may not be good in the long term for the industry, as many of the better content producers won’t submit for such low prices. Unfortunately this makes them loose some serious points from a contributor fairness point of view.

But if you are after a cheap, generous image subscription plan and what an alternative to Shutterstock or Depositphotos, then you may fit right in at BigStock.