CanStockPhoto Customer Review

CanStockPhoto Customer Review

Review Updated: 2017

CanStockPhoto is a relatively small microstock agency that just refuses to be intimidated by the big guys. It has been around for as long, if not longer, than many of the bigger players in the industry. Despite not rising to the highest ranks itself, CanStockPhoto still manages to draw a good crowd of buyers and sellers. It has remained a player, when so many other agencies have come and gone. Obviously, they are doing something right from a buyers point of view.

Despite the website itself looking quite dated, CanStockPhoto offers buyers all the usual options of credits and subscriptions, but with the added option of easily buying a single image on demand. This is a great feature, for those just wanting the odd image or two without any commitment.

CanStockPhoto Customer Review Fast Facts

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CanStockPhoto Customer Review – Why Buy From Them?

  • Many payment options
  • Many types of downloads, including single image on demand
  • Footage is now available
  • Decent search filtering options
  • Supporting a smaller-scale operation, rather than a corporation

CanStockPhoto Customer Review – Downsides?

  • Not quite the range as the massive agencies
  • The website needs an overhaul in design
  • No audio available

Buying From CanStockPhoto – The Final Word

If they had a fancy new website design, with all the bells and whistles (or even just a clean, modern look), along with their current range of purchasing options, then CanStockPhoto would probably make it into our Top Microstock Agencies For Buyers list. It’s just a few small things that hold them back. But fortunately, those things aren’t majorly negative. For instance, they deal fairly with their contributors. Their image library is growing all the time, and most of the big name contributors are on board. Add to that the option of purchasing footage and they have a lot going for them.

We really hope to see CanStockPhoto continue to improve on the excellent foundation they have laid over the years. It’s little wonder that they have outlived a lot of other agencies – there is clear appeal for buyers here.