Depositphotos Customer Review

Depositphotos Customer Review

Review Updated: 2017

Depositphotos really is the one to watch in the microstock industry at the moment. They have risen from small beginnings to now adding hundreds of thousands of images per week! That’s a lot of fresh content, and makes them one of the bigger players now, alongside Shutterstock.

Also good for stock image buyers is that Depositphotos regularly offer huge discounts or even free trials of their subscription plans. So not only will you find heaps of images to choose from, but you’ll probably save yourself some serious money in the process. The website is clean and modern, and it seems they are constantly trying to tweak things to improve it even further.

They offer the usual mix of photos and vectors from all the industry leaders, as well as video footage. They tend to accept a higher amount of images than some other big agencies, so you may find a little more variety here than at other agencies – along with more similar images to sift through.

Depositphotos Customer Review Fast Facts

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Depositphotos Customer Review – Why Buy From Them?

  • Free trials of subscription plans means nothing to lose
  • Collection is expanding rapidly
  • Probably the cheapest of all the big agencies
  • Advanced search filtering options
  • Easy to use website
  • Photos, vectors and footage available

Depositphotos Customer Review – Downsides?

  • Quality control is slightly lower than some others, but by no means terrible
  • No audio options for download

Buying From Depositphotos – The Final Word

If you’re a designer looking to try a new agency, this could be the one to pick. Huge variety, very reasonable pricing and coupons often being offered to save you money. Depositphotos really are trying very hard to be the next big thing in microstock. And for the most part they are succeeding. You probably won’t find cheaper pricing for their subscription offerings, and their content is growing rapidly.