Dreamstime Customer Review

Dreamstime Customer Review

Review Updated: 2017

Dreamstime is a well established agency that has a slightly different formula to most of its competitors. While you can buy images using all the usual methods such as subscription and credit packages, the value of what plan you buy lies in which image you choose to purchase. Confused?

Every Dreamstime image comes with a ‘level’ associated with it – from 0 to 5. Level 0 means the file has never sold, while level 5 means it has sold over 25 times! Thus, not only can you elect to buy images that haven’t been used before, but you will save money in doing so. The more popular the file, the more credits you need to purchase it. Of course, the very best files are likely to be level 4 or level 5 files, but even so, the pricing for these levels is still reasonable.

Like most top agencies, Dreamstime attracts all the top contributors as they have proven to be a good, reputable agency to deal with. So that means the best images from the best artists are to be found there. Their flexible package approach makes them an ideal choice for anyone from bloggers to advertising agencies.

Dreamstime Customer Review Fast Facts

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Dreamstime Customer Review – Why Buy From Them?

  • ‘Level’ system means you can spend what you want per image, making your credits go further
  • Flexible pricing structure allows anyone to purchase images without a huge outlay
  • Well respected agency with good buyer and contributor relations
  • All the best artists include their work here
  • RAW camera files are made available to purchase if you need the utmost quality
  • Video footage is available in addition to photos and vectors

Dreamstime Customer Review – Downsides?

  • The best of the best will cost you more per image
  • Website can feel a little dated (but that’s being pretty picky!)

Buying From Dreamstime – The Final Word

It’s hard to go past Dreamstime when they just seem to make it so easy to get what you need. The pricing is fair and flexible. The variety of images is amazing. They cater to both large and small buyers without locking you in to spend more than you need to. If you haven’t given them a go yet, the real question is – why not?