Fotolia Customer Review

Fotolia Customer Review

Review Updated: 2017

Fotolia boasts a very large image library and provides a lot of good reasons to entice buyers. Their pricing is very competitive for starters. The website itself is pretty straightforward, but provides surprising complexity for image searches if you want it. All the big artists are on board, so you are getting high quality content.

Fotolia provides photos, vectors and footage, with some exclusive content. Strangely at this stage Editorial content is not available.

The big news on the Fotolia front though is the buyout by Adobe in late 2014. Ever since then, Adobe Stock is getting all the attention and upgrades. Adobe made some good improvements to Fotolia though and the site continues to be popular with customers.

Fotolia Customer Review Fast Facts

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Fotolia Customer Review – Why Buy From Them?

  • Massive collection of images
  • Strict reviewing process means high-quality images
  • Very reputable company that’s been around for years
  • Excellent search engine that finds relevant content
  • Variety of payment options and credit or subscription plans
  • Video footage is available
  • Huge amounts of fresh content daily

Fotolia Customer Review – Downsides?

  • Lot’s of content to sift through (which could also be a good thing)
  • No audio content available
  • No editorial content available

Buying From Fotolia – The Final Word

Fotolia has been around for a long time, and knows what it’s doing. If you need a large agency to buy from, then you can’t go wrong with Fotolia. There really aren’t many downsides from a buyers point of view.

If you need great content at reasonable prices, including access to footage, then give Fotolia a go.