Mostphotos Customer Review

Mostphotos Customer Review

Review Updated: 2017

Mostphotos is an agency with a difference. For some it’s a good thing, for others it makes them run screaming. Here’s the thing – they have no image review process. None. So you can choose to upload anything as long as it meets the 5mp requirement.

What does this mean for a buyer? A few things. First, you will find images and photographers here that you will not find at any other agency. That’s a good thing, right? Second, you’ll find more ‘artistic’ imagery here than other agencies. Again, usually a bonus. However, you will need to do your own image reviewing if quality is of prime concern to you. Thankfully they have a good image zoom function so you can view images at 100% to check any quality issues.

In an age of camera phones and Instagram style shooting, perhaps technical perfection isn’t what every buyer is looking for.

Mostphotos Customer Review Fast Facts

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Mostphotos Customer Review – Why Buy From Them?

  • Unique library of images that you wont find elsewhere
  • More allowance for ‘artistic’ style imagery that may get rejected at other agencies
  • Very flexible pricing and plan structure
  • Re-download any purchased image at any time

Mostphotos Customer Review – Downsides?

  • For some buyers, no image review system
  • Search is adequate, but only just
  • Image library still needs to grow

Buying From Mostphotos – The Final Word

This agency might polarize buyers due to its no reviewers policy. However, their sales have been increasing which is a good sign that the quality is there. Being able to find images that you will never find at the big agencies can also be a plus – especially if you like the more artistic or alternative approach to images. They have flexible options for plans and packages, and may carry local content that other agencies don’t. If you enjoy searching for hidden gems, then Mostphotos could certainly be a great agency for you as a buyer.