Pond5 Customer Review

Pond5 Customer Review

Review Updated: 2017

Pond5 is not exactly new to the stock scene, but unless you have been buying video footage for some time it might still be an unfamiliar name to you. For quite a while they specialised in video footage, audio and a few other items, while avoiding photos and vectors completely. But that when that changed, a lot of photographers and vector artists got on board quickly due to Pond5’s excellent reputation in the footage market.

They now sell a huge variety of different media, and have a collection that is growing furiously. You can buy single images easily, without needing to deposit more than you need to or purchase a subscription plan. Sellers on Pond5 set their own prices, so you will no doubt find something that is within your budget.

Pond5 also has a huge selection of Public Domain images and footage. This is a huge win for documentaries etc that need vintage images.

Pond5 Customer Review Fast Facts

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Pond5 Customer Review – Why Buy From Them?

  • Massive collection of all sorts of stock media
  • Fair-trade approach to their contributors
  • Very easy to buy single images
  • Prices set by the contributor
  • Huge public domain section

Pond5 Customer Review – Downsides?

  • With pricing different from artist to artist, you need to hunt a little more to find budget-suitable content
  • Website is still clearly focused toward video, could be cleaned up and improved for other content
  • No subscription option for very high volume buyers

Buying From Pond5 – The Final Word

Pond5 really do present an interesting option for buyers – particularly if you need to get footage or audio tracks at any time. Or perhaps you are just after a single image – no problems. That’s the beauty of Pond5. They are easy to buy from and you are given plenty to look at. On top of that, they look after the content makers, so in supporting Pond5 you are supporting the artists themselves.

The only potential problem (depending on your point of view) is that each file can be priced differently. So some artists choose to maintain reasonable prices for their media, while others slash the prices in hopes to sell anything at any price. This creates a bit of confusion for a buyer, but if you can sift through this you will be no doubt happy with the outcome.