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Mostphotos Microstock AgencyRecently the Mostphotos CEO Arian Bahrami wrote a forum post detailing the direction for the company for 2012. This was a most welcome update, with many contributors becoming a little frustrated at the lack of sales and news on updates. I have been a contributor to Mostphotos for a couple of years and have seen some significant and welcome changes. As an agency they do seem to be interested in growing and keeping fresh, so any news on coming developments can be taken seriously. In short, he outlined the following things:

Mostphotos Update – 2011 Achievements

  • Improved online customer shopping experience
  • Localisation improvements
  • An image request feature
  • Organisation support and collections

Mostphotos Update – 2012 Goals

  • Implementing a vastly improved search system with “some unique filtering options”
  • Target the Scandinavian market more fully
  • Focus on the contributor experience and interface with “new, interesting and useful features”
  • Push their monthly bundles, as this has been their major selling point

It’s nice to see a CEO come out and outline their year ahead for their contributors. Mostphotos certainly isn’t setting any sales records, but now they have surpassed the 2 million images mark hopefully they can begin to market themselves more seriously in the industry. Mostphotos for many photographers is a place to join simply to have your files stored for free on another server, as you can download your own images at any time. Yet it would be nice if it was more than that for most of us and actually could begin to earn some revenue for it’s loyal contributors.

For me, supporting Mostphotos is an easy decision at this point. They are painless to upload to, you can use them as a backup for your files, and they have an occasional sale. Thus I will continue to support them and hope that 2012 is the year that more sales start rolling in.

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  1. MicrostockMan
    MicrostockMan says:

    It appears that the lowest sub (at least the lowest that I have gotten) is 18 cents, but keep in mind that is in Euro, not US dollars, so for me at least with my exchange rate it puts it up closer to the subs you can receive sometimes on Fotolia and other sites.

    I’m not saying I am happy about it, but at least they do give you the option to opt-out of subs if you wish.

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