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Pixels.com rebranding for FineArtAmerica Products in 2016

LogoPixels900PXFor contributors logging in to either Pixels.com or FineArtAmerica.com, you will no doubt find the following press release. But if you don’t log in for some time you may miss it, so we have it available for you here. The basic gist is that Pixels.com is going to become a bigger player, and FineArtAmerica.com will remain focused on selling prints – as it should. Read on below for the full story.

New Parent Identity

Effective immediately, Pixels.com is our new “parent identity”.   Don’t worry – we haven’t sold the business… we haven’t raised money from investors… and FineArtAmerica.com is NOT going away.
The only change that you’re going to see on FAA is a small line of text underneath our logo that says “a pixels.com company”.   That’s it.

Here’s the easiest way to think about this.   Take a look at the homepage of Shutterfly.   Up at the top, you’ll see links to “Tiny Prints”, “Wedding Paper Divas”, and other brands that are owned by Shutterfly.   Those are all brands that exist underneath the Shutterfly umbrella.

We’re doing the same thing with Pixels.com.   Pixels.com is the parent company, and Fine Art America is a brand underneath the Pixels.com umbrella.

What are the other brands?   Here are a few of them:
Designer Prints (for interior designers and large-volume buyers)
Mobile Prints (for mobile photographers)
Licensing Pixels (for stock photography / digital downloads) etc…

Why are we doing this?

  1. We wanted a universal, international domain name that would allow us to sell any print-on-demand product anywhere in the world.   FineArtAmerica.com is a great domain name if you’re interested in buying and selling fine art… and you’re an American.   Unfortunately, we get asked all the time… “Do you ship to England?”… “Do you ship to Australia?”… “I’m a photographer living in Spain, can I join your site?”… etc.   We wanted to eliminate all of those questions and allow our members to market themselves all over the world.   In case you weren’t aware, we now have the largest global fulfillment network in the world with 14 different fulfillment centers in 5 different countries.
  2. We wanted to expand our product offering beyond the world of “fine art”.   FineArtAmerica.com has been in business since 2006, and over the years, we’ve fielded thousands of requests from members asking us to start selling calendars, puzzles, and more.   None of those products fall under the “fine art” title, and as a result, we were always hesitant to add them to site.   Those days are over… in 2016, we’re going to roll out dozens of new products on Pixels.com.   FineArtAmerica.com will continue to be our brand that focuses on wall art and home decor, and Pixels.com will be the parent site that sells absolutely everything (e.g. wall art, t-shirts, phone cases, etc.)
  3. Pixels.com is an amazing domain name!   In our opinion, it’s the best domain name on the internet for anyone involved in the visual arts.   The word “pixel” is pronounced (and spelled) almost exactly the same in every language on the planet.   We’re in the business of creating print-on-demand products from digital pixels… Pixels.com is the perfect name.

What does this mean?

  1. FineArtAmerica.com is not going to change, at all.   FineArtAmerica.com is one of the largest art sites in the world, and it’s not going away.   It’s going to continue to function exactly as it does right now, and it’s going to continue to be developed and improved going forward.
  2. Pixels.com is up and running, and right now, it’s a clone of FineArtAmerica.com.   The only difference is that you can sell iPhone cases and apparel on Pixels.com, and you can’t sell them on FAA.
  3. Pixels.com and FineArtAmerica.com are perfectly synchronized.   You can login to both sites using the exact same username/password.   The prices are exactly the same on both sites.   If you add an image to one site… it gets instantly added to the other site.   If you change a price on one site… the price instantly changes on the other site.   The Pixels.com discussion forum is the same as the FAA discussion forum.   The Pixels.com groups are the same as the FAA groups.   The Pixels.com contests are the same as the FAA contests… etc.
  4. As we roll out new products, each new product will be offered for sale on Pixels.com.   If we feel that the new product will fit in well with the “fine art” theme of FineArtAmerica.com, then the new product will be offered for sale on FineArtAmerica.com, as well.   If not, then it will be exclusive to Pixels.com.

New URLs for Our Premium Websites

We’re finally getting rid of one of our domain names that has always been a pain to deal with: artistwebsites.com

If you’re one of our premium members, you’ll recognize that domain as the home of you premium website.   Don’t worry – your premium website is NOT going away.   It’s just getting a new name.

Also – if you’re using a custom domain name for your premium website (e.g. myartsite.com), that custom domain name will continue to work exactly as it did before.

So – the big announcement here is that your premium website is now located at (artist-name.pixels.com).   You should use that link going forward, but again, there is no need to go back and update your existing links if you don’t want to.

Why did we do this?

  1. We never liked the name artistwebsites.com.   It’s long… it’s a little bit of a tongue-twister… and people always get confused when they hear it.   Is “artists” plural or singular?   Is “websites” plural or singular?
  2. The name started to not make sense as our business expanded over time.   The websites aren’t just for “artists”.   They’re used by national brands.   They’re used by t-shirt designers.   They’re used by all sorts of sellers who might not classify themselves as “artists”.
  3. Pixels.com is a much cleaner, shorter, universal domain name.


You’re now part of “a pixels.com company”.   If you want to totally ignore this announcement and pretend that you never read it, go for it.   FAA will continue to operate as it always has.

If you want to expand your market to include non-American buyers and non-art print-on-demand products, then you should start sending your potential buyers to view your products on Pixels.com.

That’s it.   If you have any questions, just let us know.   Hopefully, none of this is too surprising to anyone.   We’ve been using the Pixels.com name for almost three years now for our TV commericals, iPad apps, Android apps, etc.

The Final Word

This seems like a logical and welcome change so that the FineArtAmerica brand doesn’t become a retail store for all kinds of items, but rather can maintain its focus on selling prints. Plus the Pixels.com site hasn’t really been used to its full potential since purchase, so its good to see some progress on that front. Hopefully this will lead to a clearer buyer focus, and more sales for contributors.

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