Pond5 Now Accepting Stock Vectors

Pond5 Microstock AgencyIn news that has slipped rather quietly by this week, stock agency Pond5 has begun accepting direct uploads of vectors. In the past they accepted raster (jpg) versions of vectors but not the actual vector file itself (eps). Of course this was strange and put many people off. But now, finally, they have implemented selling vectors as stock, in addition to their photo, audio and video stock collections.

Pond5 Selling Stock Vectors – The Details

As of now you can upload away and get your vectors online for sale at Pond5. But there is one catch at the moment – their uploader won’t read your IPTC data. So that means you will need to keyword each file before submission.

For some that might be a deal breaker, but for others with a smaller portfolio and a bit of time on their hands that might not bother them much. After all, those who get their files online first and start getting sales may have a benefit in the long run for popular files.

A Pond5 representative has mentioned that the upload process, including reading IPTC data is in the pipeline and will be getting reworked pretty soon. So maybe it’s a good idea to test the waters with a handful of vectors and then wait to upload your entire portfolio when the uploader is improved.

UPDATE: IPTC data is now being read by Pond5! So there is no reason to delay getting your portfolio online anymore. Get those vectors and clipart uploaded and start supporting a fair agency!

Why Sell Stock Vector Graphics At Pond5?

Well here’s the easy answer – 50% royalty AND you set your own price. Not bad hey?

Pond5 have a good history of treating their contributors fairly and selling images and videos for decent prices. No doubt this will continue now that vectors are becoming available there too.

What do you think of Pond5’s move to start selling vector graphics? Let us know below.

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  1. kimscreativehub
    kimscreativehub says:

    Thanks MicroMan :)

    I have been doing very well, uploading my vectors, decided in the end to go exclusive with IS with my raster images and independent with my vectors, and that combo is going well and by the end of this year i think i will recover some lost monthly revenue.

    • MicrostockMan
      MicrostockMan says:

      Great to hear. By the way, Pond5 has now added IPTC metadata extraction to their vector upload process (finally!) so now is the time to start uploading vectors. I’m hoping to get to it with my vectors in the next week or two.

  2. MicrostockMan
    MicrostockMan says:

    I can confirm that the IPTC / FTP upload process works great at Pond5. There is one remaining bug, but it is minor and should be ironed out very soon. I would highly recommend creating a ‘Template’ to help you submit large batches of vectors (or photos for that matter.)

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