Selling Vector Graphics As Stock In 2013 And Beyond

Selling Vector Illustrations As Stock

Updated: 2017

Back in 2012 I posted an article about selling vector graphic designs online. This was received really well and helped many people get started with selling their vectors as stock. But time has passed. So what’s changed? Are vectors still selling well? Is there still money to be made selling vector illustrations as stock?

Vector Illustrations Sell Like Crazy Still!

First things first. The demand for vectors seems to have only risen over time. On all the major agencies, vector designs are flying out the door and are constantly listed in the most popular stock images available. So if you are a graphic designer looking to find an outlet for your graphics then this might be the time to consider selling them as stock. Trends of course have changed, so you want to be sure you are keeping up to date. Flat design is all the rage, as is overhead composition (that is, looking at objects from above).

Selling Vector Illustrations Now

Nine-Handy-Vectors-smallA few things have happened over the years to improve the vector scene in microstock. For instance, GraphicRiver now allows illustrators to set their own prices. It’s nice to be able to determine the value of your own work. Sales there always seem to be on the rise, so if you can put up with their tedious upload process GraphicRiver might be a place to start selling your illustrations. They are also linked in with Envato Elements. This is a subscription-based site which is just getting going. But it could be another good source of residual income, while only uploading items once to GraphicRiver.

Pond5 received major funding some time ago, and ever since have been growing. They now sell pretty much every kind of media asset you can think of. Sales are improving all the time. Their website is too – it’s no longer clearly focused only on footage.

Shutterstock continue their dominance in the market, selling huge amounts of images for most contributors. With so many images being added each week it can be hard to keep your head above water. But you’d be crazy not to include Shutterstock in your list of agencies to sell through.

Dreamstime is always a crowd pleaser. Whats particularly nice about them is if you have high quality assets you get rewarded. The more the file sells, the more you get each time.

An agency which has become more polished is Depositphotos. They sell huge amounts of media. If you have a big vector portfolio this is a good place to be. The only downside is their royalty tier structure is very unrealistic and should be changed. Not sure if that will ever happen though.

Well that’s the update on selling vector designs online as stock. Have you found any other good places to sell vector illustrations? Please share it below.

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