Selling Video Footage Online As Microstock

Selling video footage online is the next big thing for microstock. Find out how to earn money from your videos by selling video clips as stock footage.

Selling Audio Files Online As Microstock

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Scanning Film Images For Microstock

Can you scan film images and submit them as microstock? Learn the best way to scan film for stock, while avoiding the major pitfalls of scanning film

Free Pond5 Credits

Score free Pond5 credits worth $10 with our link which you can spend on stock footage, audio, photos, vectors and more. Best free Pond5 credits available.

7 Things You Need To Know About Stock Photography

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How To Make Money From Stock Photography

Whether you are yet to venture into the world of stock photography, or are already established in the industry, the question is usually the same – how to make money (or more money) from stock photography? The answer isn’t an easy one, or a short one. But if there’s a company that knows how to […]

Microstock Man Grows Up in 2014

2013 saw amazing growth for our website, Microstock Man. It seems more people than ever are thinking of selling their photos, videos and graphic designs online as stock. We were of course, thrilled with the growth in traffic and loyal readers. As such, we wondered what could be done to better improve the experience from […]