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THPStock – A Brief History

It started out as a few hundred images that I had shot over the course of a few years travelling around the country and overseas. Not all of them were up to scratch for microstock.

Even more annoying was that the vast majority of my work was all on beautiful slide film (anyone remember Fuji Velvia?), as I started my career prior to digital photography being the norm. Many of these slide images have yet to be scanned (see my recommendations on scanning film for stock), thus I had far fewer images to start with than I should have.

Since taking stock photography seriously, I have worked at building up my portfolio into something substantial. I quickly leaned that if I wanted stock to become my main source of income I would need a few thousand images to make that a reality. In addition to photography, I started work on developing vector content, video footage and audio clips.

Diversity was my end goal – diversity of content and diversity of agencies.

THPStock – What Gear Do I Use?

Some have wondered what sort of gear I use for my stock work. I have always been a Nikon man, beginning with my much loved Nikon F100 film camera. Since then I have had a Fuji S3 Pro (Nikon mount body), Nikon D2X and currently a Nikon D800, which produces incredibly detailed images. Of course it also shoots high definition 1080p video, which is a real plus.

On the post production side of things, I use Apple Mac all the way, combined with the ubiquitous Adobe CC Suite. Recently I have been using Affinity Designer instead of Adobe Illustrator.

Thanks again for taking a look at my work, and I really hope Microstock Man has been useful for you.

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