About Microstock Man

In short – Me. Ok, so you deserve more than that. I’m Tim Hester, a professional photographer with over a decade’s experience in the stock industry and numerous photographic awards.

After contributing to some Right’s Managed stock libraries for a couple of years, I finally got my act together and started submitting to microstock agencies around April 2010.  Since then I have managed to dedicate around half my working week to stock photography. I currently make my living off my microstock photography income (plus the odd freelance photography job or website design).

Professional stock photographer Tim Hester

Tim Hester

The microstock learning curve was a steep one, and when first investigating my options prior to joining any agencies I realised I needed some pointers in order to succeed. Personally, I found there was a shortage of honest, accurate information that was brief and to the point.

Two years later…enter Microstock Man. I wanted to create a website that covered all the things I wasn’t sure of when I began, as I’m sure many others are in the same boat. Hopefully you can find my experiences and tips to be of use as you start out in the incredible world of microstock.

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How is Microstock Man run?

Most microstock agencies have some sort of referral program in place as an incentive for getting new buyers or contributors to come to their site. This is a VERY small percentage fee (think a few cents) that comes out of the agencies cut of sales / purchases, never the contributors share. In no way does this cost the new customer or contributor – period. Also, if you sign up but never buy or sell a single thing, then the agency never gives me a single thing either! This is a small way for me to cover my website design, hosting, domain and other associated costs.

Will Microstock Man host my microstock related advertising?

Yes. You’ll notice that there are no flashing ads for cheap pills or discount watches on the site. This is deliberate. Although I feel the site does need to pay for itself (web hosting, domain names and time spent designing and maintaining the site doesn’t come without a cost), I never wanted it to be full of annoying, intrusive ads for things that are irrelevant to the reader. Thus you will only find graphics that relate directly to microstock photography, video and vectors. Basically, advertising for the different agencies that I support or microstock related services.

So if you have a product directly related to stock, photography, graphics or video footage that you think would be of interest to our many readers, then I would be happy to have you on board for paid advertising. Rates are very reasonable, you can see it all on our advertising page where you can book a spot instantly. All payments are done through Paypal, so we never need to see your payment details.

Hopefully you enjoy Microstock Man and find it a useful tool.

– Tim