YayMicro (now YAY Images) Is Worth Joining

YAY Images Microstock Agency

UPDATE: YayMicro is now closed for buying images, with all clients moved to YAY Images. The YayMicro site is still used by contributors to upload their work only.

If you have found yourself wondering if joining another little microstock agency is worthwhile or not, then you’re not alone. Most of us do it, as we don’t have limitless time on our hands to try them all out. After all, uploading a few thousand images is time consuming to say the least.

Enter YayMicro. Thankfully I am able to write that my experience with one of my favourite little agencies, YayMicro is a positive one. In fact, they seem to be getting better and better. Sales have started being a lot more regular, and their 50% commission rate makes them very worthwhile.

Things seem to be changing for the agency, and only for the better. Here a just a couple of the recent changes and improvements that have been made

YayMicro Becomes YAY Images

  • YayMicro will soon be YAY Images. The change is already under way, and it is hoped YAY Images will have more resonance with potential buyers
  • YayMicro / YAY Images have an excellent network of partners who will also sell your work. The brilliant part about it is if you don’t like that sort of thing you can opt out on an individual partner basis. Few agencies offer such flexibility.
  • YayMicro’s website has had a bit of an overhaul along with the name change. Some things are subtle, others more obvious. But overall it is a welcome change.
  • They have just increased the minimum size for photographs, from 3mp to 6mp. This may not be a welcome change for some, but will help keep quality high.

If you have held off from joining YAY Images, perhaps now is a good time to consider giving YAY Images a go. For me personally, I have seen consistent improvement in sales and a very high acceptance rate for my images. I would love to see YAY Images really take off soon and show some other agencies that fair trade practises can not only build a loyal contributor base, but also a successful microstock agency.

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  1. Peter
    Peter says:

    Well, you missed the point: Why shall one join YAY Images? Please give some tangible points? What you said in your blog is nothing. Where is a real hot thing to join YAY? I can name at least a handful of photographers who sell very good at Fotolia, Dreamstime, etc. and have hundreds of pictures at YAY and not even gotten a view on their pictures. Again: Why is it recommendable to join YAY? Thank you!

  2. MicrostockMan
    MicrostockMan says:

    Hey Peter,

    Just a reminder, don’t forget to approve your comment via email for it to appear.

    Thanks for your thoughts, perhaps I didn’t make it clear enough. “Why shall one join YAY Images?” you ask?

    – Their sales are improving (based on my experience)
    – Their website has been improved which hopefully will result in more sales
    – They are expanding their network of partners
    – They sell images for a good price, so when you do sell it’s generally worth it

    Hope that helps!

    (FYI – they are no Dreamstime yet as you mention, but for me they are one of the smaller agencies worth being with)

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