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Zoonar Stock Agency Relaunch for 2016

German based stock agency Zoonar has done a massive refresh of their website and changed some of the structure of both pricing and contributor terms. Look out for our full review of them early in 2016, but for now here is the press release sent to photographers and buyers.

Dear colleagues and photographers,

as you may have already noticed, Zoonar has been working on an extensive website relaunch. The relaunch focuses on an updated responsive design which works for all kinds of devices, better usability and some changed legal general conditions. Another aim is to boost marketing and distribution.
We’ll put the new site online in just a few weeks from now. We want to take the opportunity to inform you about all the relevant changes beforehand.

Responsive design and better usability
The new website will have a responsive design that works on all devices. You will be able to use Zoonar on normal PCs, smartphones, tablets and even TVs and eBook readers. We hope you will like the new and streamlined design. As part of the redesign and to improve usability we have also changed the photo size info on the website. It is no longer given in DIN sizes but in more useful pixel sizes with common labels such as XS, M, L, XL, XXL etc.

New services
We have found that in times of anonymous Microstock agencies we can get better prices for photos by offering more and personalized service. Therefore, we will expand our services with the relaunch. Zoonar will, for example, edit and retouch RAW photo data for a surcharge so that these files can be printed at very high resolutions of DIN A0 and beyond. You, as our supplier, benefit directly from these additional services because all extra fees are split between Zoonar and you of course!

Legal changes
We have updated our terms and conditions, photographer’s agreement and data protection regulations because they were out of date and had to be modified to agree with current regulations. There are no severe changes concerning your photo rights. Our price structure remains mostly unaltered too. However, we have increased the merchandising license price. It will now have a 200% markup and can’t be combined with a RF license.

Since there will be changes to our terms and conditions you have a special right of termination. Please contact us at [email protected] should you wish to terminate your contract. This special right of termination doesn’t expand, however, to our partner agencies since the partner agreements you signed are separate from the Zoonar photographer’s agreement and are not affected by the changes. Therefore, we can’t expedite photo deletions at our partner agencies and the six month waiting period for photo deletions will still be applied.
We hope, of course, that you want to keep on working with us. The main goal of our relaunch is to boost sales. The next step is therefore increased marketing.

Implementing new forms of advertising
After our relaunch Zoonar will be able to offer coupons, for new customers for example. We will also have new landing pages. Using these two tools, we will advertise and generate new customers. Zoonar had discounts before – but now we have new methods of offering discounts and coupons in combination with certain forms of advertising, such as videos, AdWords, banners, newsletters, adverts… Zoonar will still be covering half of the discount of course, so that the full discount won’t come from your fees alone. Nothing has changed in this regard.

New commission rates
Whereas sales through our distribution network have increased our revenues considerably, sales on our website are stagnant. To boost direct sales on Zoonar we need more funds to invest in advertisements and marketing. Therefore, we have decided to become a 50/50 photo agency after very long deliberations. Don’t get us wrong: your commission rate for sales through our distribution network won’t change at all! The new 50% commission rate only applies to sales on our website. We will invest the additional earnings in marketing so that sales on our website will grow over time.
We believe that a 50% commission rate is fair. And we won’t change this rate anymore.
We hope you like the changes. Zoonar has seen a continous sales growth from 2012 – 2015. With our relaunch we want to continue this trend and increase sales even more in the coming years.

Kind regards,
Michael Krabs and Paul Watzlaw
CEOs Zoonar GmbH

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