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About Microstock Man

Who is behind Microstock Man?

The website was created by professional photographer Tim Hester and is part of the Stock Photo Press Publishing Network since 2021. Stock photo veteran Amos Struck and his team are now behind Microstock Man. Amos is the founder of Stock Photo Press,, StockPhotoSecrets, co-founder of Microstock Expo, the first conference specialized in the microstock segment of the stock industry as well as behind many other online projects related to stock photos.

Amos has a strong business background and applies his over a decade of industry experience, insider knowledge and expert insights to help you understand it all about microstock and stock photography. Plus, he has excellent relationships with the major agencies in the field and works with them to bring you exclusive discounts and deals.

Contact Amos: Twitter – LinkedIn – YouTube

How Microstock Man Began

Despite a professional background, the microstock learning curve was a steep one.

When I first started investigating my options before joining any agencies I realised I needed some good advice. What I found was a shortage of honest, accurate information that was brief and to the point.

Not long later…enter Microstock Man.

I wanted to create a resource that covered all the things I wasn’t sure of when I began. I knew I couldn't be the only one needing such advice.

The website has continually evolved over the years to what it is today. It has helped thousands of contributors get their start in microstock.

How Microstock Man Pays The Bills

Yes it's true, good intentions aren't enough to keep a website up and running. It has to cover its ongoing costs, such as web hosting, maintenance, upgrades etc. So how does Microstock Man keep the lights on?

Affiliate Links

Most microstock agencies have some sort of referral program in place.

This acts as an incentive for getting new buyers or contributors to come to their site. More often than not, this is hugely focused on buyers, rather than contributors.

Either way, we use these affiliate links. What does this mean? This means a VERY small fee (think a few cents) comes out of the agencies cut of any sales or purchases made by a referral.

It is important to note, In no way does this cost the new customer or contributor – period.

Also, if you sign up but never buy or sell a single thing, then the agency never gives me a single thing either!

This is a small way for me to cover my website design, hosting, domain and other associated costs.

I really appreciate it when you use our links to find your way.


Do we accept paid advertising? Yes.

You’ll notice though that there are no flashing ads for cheap pills or discount watches on the site. This is deliberate.

Although the site does need to pay for itself, I never wanted it to be full of annoying, intrusive ads. Especially for things that are irrelevant to the reader.

Thus you will only find advertising that relates directly to microstock photography, video and vectors. Basically, advertising for the different agencies that I support or microstock related services.

So do you have a product related to stock, photography, graphics or video footage that you think would be of interest to our many readers? Then I would be happy to have you on board for paid advertising.

Rates are very reasonable, and ad placement can be discussed. Please contact us using the form above if you are interested.

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