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Microstock Coupons

Microstock Man has sourced some of the best stock photo coupon deals around to save you money. To qualify for these stock photo discounts, specials and free stock images you need to be a first-time buyer at these agencies (that is, sign up as a new user), plus you must use the links provided below.

We are constantly trying to source new offers for our readers. These will be updated as soon as new microstock coupons and discounts are made available, so check back regularly to save.  Don’t miss out on the best discounts and savings available!

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Microstock Coupons, Discounts & Specials

Our microstock coupons and discounts are grouped by agency. At times there may be more than one coupon per agency. We try and work with the agencies to bring you the best deals around!

Stockfresh Coupon

StockfreshStockfresh Microstock Agency is clean and sleek, with no clutter. Their content, which includes photos and vector art, is closely reviewed and image quality is high. Packages and pricing are clear and understandable. All in all, it really does feel like a fresh new era in the increasingly confusing microstock world.

Simply use our link below to score yourself 5 free credits from Stockfresh.

YAY Images Coupon

YAY Images Microstock Agency

YAY Images has a unique approach to stock. Its kind of like Netflix – consume as much as you want each month, for a low flat rate! The website is modern and easy to use, plus you have the choice of either streaming or downloading the media you want. Plans start from just $9.90 per month.

Use our link to score yourself a 50% off discount at YAY Images.

We are currently liaising with many more microstock agencies to try and score you a better deal. Please check back again soon!