Complete Microstock Beginners Guide

Every microstocker starts somewhere. I know I spent countless hours researching things on the internet, trying to find a resource that I would call a worthy beginners guide to microstock. Back when I started there were few good microstock related blogs, with most of the information being out of date, or hard to digest. Hopefully, you will find our microstock beginners guide to be different.

It doesn’t aim to cover every possible question under every conceivable scenario. Rather, our beginners guide endeavours to be a simple, concise, yet effective guidebook to get would-be microstock contributors uploading their very first images in a short period of time. The guide is constantly being reviewed and minor adjustments being made to add either more depth or to update something that needs changing.

You will find a lot more supplementary information in our many microstock blog posts, which are displayed under the beginners guide. If you can’t find what you are after in the guide, please check these blog posts for additional information.

1Sign Up

In Step 1 of our Microstock Beginners Guide, you get the important basics out of the way.

Find out which agencies you should join, and become a member of them within minutes, using our handy list.

Then see if there are any hidden catches you should be aware of, and why it’s a good idea to start right away, rather than wait until you have everything ready to go.

This is the place to start if you are new to microstock or are wondering what agencies we recommend.


CapsuleIn Step 2 of our Microstock Beginners Guide, you will find detailed information on the type of images to aim for, and those they may not be worth your time. You don’t just want to submit hundreds of images and never get a sale. With our tips, you can maximise your chances of selling your images.

Also learn if you can edit files in Photoshop or similar programs, and what cautions you should adhere keep in mind.

Finally, discover the 4 most common problems to look for in your images to avoid rejections.


KangarooIn Step 3 of our Microstock Beginners Guide you will learn the art of ‘keywording’.

In actual fact, there is more work to be done than simply adding some keywords. Find out what you should be entering for titles and descriptions, as well as how to embed this information directly in the image (and why you would want to).

Get some tips on how many keywords to add, and trying to think like a buyer.


Jumping BusinessmanIn Step 4 of our Microstock Beginners Guide, your precious images are on their way to being sold as microstock.

Find out how to actually get your images off your computer and into the internet. Discover a couple of suggestions along the way that could save you a lot of headaches due to mass rejections.

Learn about the approval process, and how best to celebrate that awesome feeling of having your work on display to millions!

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