Microstock Agency Pricing Comparison

Microstock Agency Comparison Chart

Wondering which microstock agency to buy from? How much do they cost? What do they offer for sale? If you don’t have the time or inclination to read our more detailed microstock agency buyer reviews, then perhaps our quick microstock agency comparison chart is more your thing. Find all your answers in one convenient place.

Microstock Agency Pricing Comparison

The comparison chart below provides accurate information on what each agency offers, as well as how much they charge for the service. Please note with pricing, that you may end up seeing a slightly different price on the microstock agency itself. Why is this?

Each agency handles things differently, but some of them will provide localised pricing. Eg: a buyer in Europe may be charged a different amount to a buyer in America or Australia. Some of this is due to differences in currency exchange rates. If the agency decides to tie their pricing in to fluctuating currency rates, then you may find the price is a little different every time you buy from them. The vast majority don’t do this though, with most agencies offering a set price based on the US dollar. That is what we have tried to base our sample pricing on in the chart below.


Photos & Vectors




Shutterstock Contributor Review

10 images / $29

750 images / $199

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Dreamstime Contributor Review

30 credits / $35

10 images / $25

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123RF Microstock Agency

5 images / $39

150 images / $59

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Pond5 Microstock Agency

1  image / $5 

$525  credit / $500

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Stockfresh Microstock Agency

5 images / $20

100 credits / $79.99

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PhotoDune Microstock Agency

1 small image / $2

1 XXL image / $9

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Fotolia Microstock Agency

10 credits / $14

25 a day / $249

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Depositphotos Contributor Review

10 images / $9.99

150 images / $99

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YAY Images Microstock Agency

Unlimited streamed / $9.90

Streaming & downloads / $49

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CanStockPhoto Microstock Agency

35 credits / $25

10 images per day / $39

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GL Stock Images Microstock Agency

1 small image / $1

$110 deposit  / $100

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BigStock Microstock Agency

10 images per day / $99

10 videos per day / $99

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Mostphotos Microstock Agency

10 images / $69

250 images / $289

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