Shutterstock Customer Review

Shutterstock Customer Review

Review Updated: 2017

Shutterstock boasts one of the largest collections of high-quality microstock photos and vectors in the world. If there is a particular image you need you’ll find it at here no matter what. However you’ll pay a little bit extra for the privilege. Most weeks they have around 1 million new images added. Content is about as fresh as it gets. They are gradually adding new content streams as well, such as footage and more recently, music. You can pretty much find everything you need here in the one spot to put together your new presentation, website, brochure or viral video campaign.

Until recently they limited your purchasing options to just subscription based plans, which were a bit pricey for the little buyers. But now they have one-off purchases which they call Single Image Downloads. This opens up their library to a whole new range of customers.

Shutterstock Customer Review Fast Facts

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Shutterstock Customer Review – Why Buy From Them?

  • Massive collection of images
  • Strict reviewing process means high-quality images
  • Very reputable company that’s been around for years, now publicly listed
  • Excellent search engine that finds relevant content 99% of the time
  • Reasonable pricing for both buyer and contributor
  • Monthly options probably the best choice around for high turnover agency’s and graphic designers
  • Video footage is available and the collection is growing rapidly
  • Music now available

Shutterstock Customer Review – Downsides?

  • Huge amounts of images could potentially slow down the selection process, some other sites getting new images quicker
  • Lot’s of content to sift through
  • That’s about it – they’re great!

Buying From Shutterstock – The Final Word

Shutterstock really does represent the pinnacle of microstock these days. They attract the best contributors and manage to build the biggest collection, despite being so careful with what they approve. You won’t be disappointed with a subscription here. Best thing is, you can register as a buyer without even having to buy something right away. With the introduction of single image purchases (no subscription plan needed) this massively changes how accessible these guys are for the average customer. Do yourself a favour – shop with the best.