YAY Images Customer Review

YAY Images Customer Review

Review Updated: 2017

YAY Images is an interesting little stock agency that has some fairly unique options for buyers. Around since 2008, it has built a loyal contributor base including the best in the business. It underwent a name change from YAY Micro, and shifted its entire focus to unlimited web based streaming subscriptions. YAY is a European focused agency with some good buying options.

Their image base has grown well into the millions which is by no means massive, but enough to find what you need without getting overwhelmed. Pricing is simple and easy to follow, as long as you understand the streaming vs download options.

For some buyers the streaming option is brilliant. You edit the file right there on the site. Change the size, add a filter etc. Then simply embed the code into your website and you’re set. Much easier than downloading, opening an image editor and doing it all yourself. Of course this won’t be for everyone, buy YAY Images is betting it will work for a lot.

YAY Images Customer Review Fast Facts

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Image Quality
Contributor Fairness

longer bars are better

YAY Images Customer Review – Why Buy From Them?

  • Easy to use
  • LiveChat customer service
  • Unlimited web streaming
  • Very cheap packages
  • Brilliant for web-only buyers

YAY Images Customer Review – Downsides?

  • No video footage or audio available
  • Not great for the contributor
  • Smaller library of images available

Buying From YAY Images – The Final Word

If you like personal contact, one thing that can be said for YAY Images is the staff are always extremely friendly and willing to help. If you run a blog and need lots of images that will never be printed, then the unlimited web streaming might be an attractive option for you.

Of course they have other packages that also include image downloads. In all packages you get the unlimited streaming. That’s what makes YAY unique.