Microstock Man Grows Up in 2014

Microstock Man Grows Up in 2014

2013 saw amazing growth for our website, Microstock Man. It seems more people than ever are thinking of selling their photos, videos and graphic designs online as stock. We were of course, thrilled with the growth in traffic and loyal readers. As such, we wondered what could be done to better improve the experience from 2014 onward to reward our readers. What you are seeing in front of you is what we came up with (and we like it!)

Microstock Man’s New Look

The most obvious change of course is the visuals. Gone are the flashy, and somewhat dated, looks of the former site. Introducing clean, modern and easy to read. More focus on content rather than the window dressings. To achieve this we used our favourite WordPress theme Enfold, which is simply amazing to work with. But we didn’t just choose this theme based on looks alone. No, we had much more in mind than sheer prettiness to improve Microstock Man.

Microstock Man’s New Speed

Our new theme is faster, less load-heavy than our last so you should notice some speed increases when navigating around the site. But we dug deeper and found much more to fine tune in terms of speed. You see, after a few years of operation we had accumulated quite a few plugins for different reasons that weren’t adding much to the experience. Rather, they were slowing it down. So out with the unnecessary plugins, and in with the new speed. Another perk of this is that using Microstock Man on a mobile device should be a lot better now. So get out that iPad and get reading!

Microstock Man’s New Voice

While plenty of new (and old) visitors were coming through the site in 2013, not many left their mark. Commenting on articles was scarce, which we thought we could improve on. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to commenting was the need to verify each comment through email. So we have removed that requirement for now, and logged in users can comment a lot more easily. So that is another reason to register with us, to allow you to speak your mind without fuss. If you have had a previously approved comment, then your new comments will appear automatically.

Microstock Man’s New Trick

There are a number of other improvements we could mention, but perhaps the last one that really deserves a moment is our upcoming newsletters. They will not come too often as I hate getting spammy newsletters as much as the next person. So at this stage we will send out a newsletter most likely every 2-3 months. They will feature our latest posts and possibly some industry news. Of course, there will be an opt out if you would rather not receive them.

So we hope you really enjoy the new-look Microstock Man and we just wanted to say how much we appreciate all of our reader over the last few years. We hope to hear your comments soon on our posts. :)

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  1. MicrostockMan
    MicrostockMan says:

    Hey everyone, the new website is live and our first newsletter is being delivered as we speak! If you’ve registered in the last couple of days you may need to re-register again. Be sure to let us know what you think!

  2. MicrostockMan
    MicrostockMan says:

    Update: Since the Microstock Man site re-launch last month, we have worked hard to iron out a few bugs that remained. Most noticeably, the mobile menu didn’t work as expected on phones (fine in iPads) and there was a duplication of the breadcrumb navigation in some cases.

    The good news is, those are now (nearly) fixed – with the mobile menu fix coming next week most likely. Finally!

    There is one remaining quirk, to do with the login & profile page process, which we are still working on.

    Thank you all for your patience in the meantime. We are sure you will enjoy the new look site much more than ever before! As an added bonus of the site re-design, we have brought back user comments on the microstock agency review pages – including all the old comments from the past couple of years! So get commenting once again!

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