New for Microstock Man in 2013 – Recent Changes & Plans Ahead

Microstock Man in 2013 – Upgrades and Goals

Since launching over a year ago, Microstock Man has helped thousands of people learn more about microstock photography and vector illustration. Traffic continues to grow steadily and site registrations are booming (thanks to that feature finally being made visible – sorry for taking so long!)

So, the question had to be asked – what can be done to improve the experience for visitors to Microstock Man and keep things moving forwards in 2013?

Recent Upgrades to Microstock Man

If you are a returning visitor, then you will no doubt have noticed that Microstock Man looks very different these days to what it was when launched. Hopefully you find these improvements to be useful as you navigate your way around the site. In brief, here is what we accomplished in the last few weeks with our upgrade.

  • Responsive Design – Microstock Man is now fully responsive, meaning it will function WAY better on your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android etc). This includes better load times, better navigation and an overall better experience for all mobile visitors.
  • Retina Ready – You know how those fancy new Mac’s have ultra high-definition displays? Well now Microstock Man should look crisp and clear even on your super duper displays. Yep, it really is 2013 now.
  • New Design – Microstock Man now has a completely different layout and site design. This of course is how it is now responsive, but we also feel it better represents the direction of the site – namely, a professional, reliable source of information about microstock.
  • Site Registration – As mentioned above, you can now easily register with Microstock Man and have your own personal account. This enables commenting far easier, as well as possibly being included in any upcoming email newsletters if you choose to do so down the track.
  • Microstock Shop – We have merged our sister site Microstock Shop into the one site, so now you can score those great buyers discounts and free credits all from the one spot.
  • Hugely Improved Article Commenting – Before the upgrade, you needed to go to a separate “comments” blog to be able to leave your thoughts on an article that wasn’t a blog post (eg: a microstock agency review for instance). Now you can comment directly underneath the article on most pages, making it far easier for the Microstock Man community to interact.
  • Star Ratings – You’ll notice on many pages and posts that you can now rate them to show how helpful you found them (please be kind!)

What’s Ahead for Microstock Man in 2013?

Great question. Hopefully there won’t be too many changes to the structure of the site itself now that the upgrade phase is over. However we do have some plans to improve the site in the months ahead. Here are some goals:

  • More Content – We want the site to continue to grow with useful content for new and emerging stock photographers & illustrators. So expect to see more content on a variety of topics.
  • Newsletter – Still in the ‘suggestion box’ at this stage, but a real possibility for later this year, to keep everyone informed of new events in microstock. You will of course be able to opt out if we go ahead with it.
  • More Commenting – This one is up to YOU! We hope the site changes encourage more of a community feel here.

So, that’s where we see things heading for the next 12 months. We really appreciate your support, and are thrilled to see the site taking off thanks to you all. Can you do us a favour? Please share the site as much as you can through social media. Also, feel free to make suggestions for the site in the comments below.

Thanks again!

– Microstock Man

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