Sign Elements Interview 2018

Sign Elements Interview 2018

After our first stock agency interview with Adobe Stock, we continue our series with the next instalment – the Sign Elements Interview for 2018. Sign Elements is not trying to take over the stock agency world like many other agencies. Rather they have their sight set on a very specific niche within it – the sign industry. Read on to find out how that makes them a unique agency for both contributors and buyers alike.

Sign Elements Interview Q&A

Here are the 8 questions we posed to Sign Elements, including some of their favourite images right now.

Q: Sign Elements is part of Ingram Image Ltd. What other agencies are part of this group?

A: Ingram Publishing is the umbrella company for Sign Elements, Ingimage and Vectorstate. Sign Elements services the sign industry with templates and imagery. Ingimage is the royalty-free stock image library of over 5 million photographs and designs. Vectorstate is our library of vector graphics.

Q: What makes Sign Elements different from these other brands?

A: Sign Elements is very niche as it is tailored to the sign industry and more specifically vehicle branding. As a whole the full Ingram Publishing offering is set apart by choice, quality and affordability.

Sign Elements Interview 2018

© Sign Elements

Q: What features appeal most to your client base?

A: Our clients enjoy the flexibility of our pricing plans, ranging from monthly to annual and across various download packages to suit their needs. Our wide range of vehicle templates is especially appealing to our Sign Elements customers.

Q: What impact has Sign Elements had on the sign industry?

A: We have created an accessible sign design resource platform. Thereby empowering sign makers to be in control of their own design process, rather than relying on costly and timely third party agencies.

Q: How does Sign Elements plan to reward and retain its contributors?

A: We’re always looking for ways to strengthen the relationship and loyalty with our valued contributors. We feature our top contributors regularly in specific campaigns, showcased collections, artist blog pieces and editorials.

Vehicle wrap designs available from Sign Elements

© Sign Elements

Q: How can contributors maximise their success with Sign Elements in 2018?

A: Contributors will be privy to our new portal next month, meaning they will be able to upload to Sign Elements as well as Ingimage and/or Vectorstate with ease – maximizing their reach with just one account. Bringing together our three forces is an exciting initiative to increase visibility and user experience for all.

Q: What plans are in place for 2018 to improve the Sign Elements experience for both buyers and contributors?

A: We are testing a search similarity tool and making every effort to improve our ranking and search layout for better user experience. We’re also hoping to launch a collection of print-ready files and templates alongside the vectors and images we already offer.

In addition, we continue to upload more than 20,000 images per month so that our customers have access to the freshest and most relevant content.

Q: Do you have an incentive for new buyers?

A: We’re offering a 15% discount off our annual subscription, entitling the new buyer to 200 downloads per month for vehicles, vinyl-ready, vectors, photos, pro fonts and wrap artwork. Simply use this link to see the coupon code to enter at checkout, and save 15%!

Sign Elements Interview 2018

© Sign Elements

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