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Symbiostock Review

Symbiostock ReviewSymbiostock – never heard of it? You’re not alone! But get ready, this is a game changer in the world of stock photography & vector graphics. Why? For one simple reason – Symbiostock is NOT an agency. Rather, it puts the power back in the hands of the image creator as a means to sell direct, without any middle man or commission cut. That’s why I was so keen to get a Symbiostock review out to everyone, to let them know of the awesome potential this project has.

“But”, you may be thinking, “there have always been ways to sell direct – Ktools for instance.” True, Symbiostock is not the first concept to promote the direct sales angle. But it is the best concept so far. If you want to sell your work as stock, Symbiostock is the first place you should be looking as a direct sales solution.

Symbiostock Review – What is it exactly?

Simply put, it is a free theme that runs on any WordPress website. That’s right, WordPress, the Google-friendly CMS that runs nearly 20% of the ENTIRE internet! So not only is it based on a proven performer that is around for the long haul, but did you notice I mentioned it was free?

So here it is in a nutshell – you can start selling your work using a WordPress site and the free Symbiostock theme that can be up and running in a couple of hours. You will need a web hosting service that can handle lots of images, without breaking the bank. That is why we recommend Bluehost for your Symbiostock site. Not only do they offer unlimited storage, but Symbiostock was built to run best on Bluehost’s server setup. You will find that most Symbio users are using Bluehost as their web host (myself included!).

Ok, so we’ve seen that Symbiostock is a unique theme, that only requires a minimal layout for a decent web host. Beginning to see why it’s so great? Well, there’s a whole lot more that makes this special…

Symbiostock Review – Why choose it?

  • It is a FREE option that can be setup from scratch in just a couple of hours
  • It’s built on the hugely popular WordPress platform
  • Easy to use administration side – if you can use WordPress, you can work out Symbiostock
  • You can form part of the Symbiostock network, creating huge links of artists selling direct
  • Symbiostock is built with true SEO in mind, meaning it is optimised far beyond most paid direct sales solutions
  • There is a great community of people helping the development along – you can get involved if you wish
  • The theme seriously respects the artists right to work they way they want – thus you can control everything in the theme eg: price, license, size etc.

Symbiostock Review – Downsides?

  • Seriously, you have to look pretty far to find one!
  • At this stage Symbiostock is still growing in features and usability, but even still it does everything you really need
  • You need to get familiar with WordPress – but this is really basic. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can probably use WordPress

Symbiostock Review Fast Facts

Media Types

Symbiostock supports the following media:

Stock photos
Vector illustrations (eps & png)
Stock footage

Sale Types

Symbiostock sells using the following methods:

On demand sales

Symbiostock Review – Conclusion

I have been a part of the beta process of Symbiostock for the past few months and it has been an exciting journey (note: I have no stake in Symbiostock, I am just a huge fan of it). I have never seen a community rally this much around a solution for the falling commissions and poor actions by a number of stock agencies. Symbiostock really is looking to be the light on the horizon for many stock photographers and vector artists. You can see an example of it in action at my own stock site THP Stock Photos.

To sum up the Symbiostock review, at this point what Symbiostock really needs is for more people to get on board and keep the network of artists growing. Those who are already involved (myself included) are reporting sales coming in, and this is only the early days of the theme.

So if you are looking to get into selling stock photography or vector illustrations, think about setting up your own direct sales platform first. Don’t spend $500 on some clunky, hard to customise sales solution built for the masses. Get the free Symbiostock theme and some decent hosting and give yourself the greatest chance of finding success as an artist selling their work direct.

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