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Mostphotos Review

Review Updated: 2017

Mostphotos is not your typical microstock agency.  There are no reviewers for starters.  Yep, that’s right – you can upload anything that meets their fairly broad requirements. On top of that, images can be rated by other members.

It begs the question though – can Mostphotos really be a microstock agency, or is it just a photographers hangout?

The slow trickle of sales for fairly low rates would seem to answer that question. However, for some there are reasons enough to support Mostphotos – namely, free online backup as the main one.

Mostphotos Review – Why Sign Up?

  • Easy to do so
  • No rejections – ever!
  • You can have thousands of images online in just days – good way to get noticed quickly
  • There is potential to earn good money per image, although few actually do
  • Good way to receive feedback from your peers
  • Could be good preparation for the big agencies if your a little nervous
  • Free online backup of your images, since you can download them yourself

Mostphotos Review – Downsides?

  • No reviewers means loads of low quality images available
  • Sales are slow, although seem to be improving slowly
  • Some sales are reported months after they occur
  • Questionable as to whether it’s a ‘real’ stock agency…

Mostphotos Review Fast Facts

Media Types

Mostphotos sells the following media:

Stock photos
Vector illustrations

Sale Types

Mostphotos sells using the following methods:

Credit packs
On demand sales

Mostphotos Review – Conclusion

A ‘real’ stock agency. That’s the big question isn’t it – does a microstock agency have to have reviewers to be legit? Can feedback from peers be useful? Will Mostphotos succeed in the long run?

Mostphotos may be worth trying if you are trying out every other agency. But it’s certainly not the sort of agency I would stake my reputation on. Many images which get approved are technically flawed and would never be bought by a discerning client. But perhaps that’s where the peer based feedback comes in. People can learn here in an environment that still gives them exposure before being shot down by the big nasty reviewers over at Fotolia or Shutterstock.

So if your new to this game or you are looking to expand the agencies that represent your work, check out Mostphotos and see for yourself whether they count as a ‘real’ microstock agency.

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